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Faculty Mentor Program

NOSM's Faculty Mentor Program was developed as a mechanism for mentoring relationships, assistance in choosing appropriate electives, determining career goals, and the process for residency application.

Faculty Mentor Program Objectives

The Faculty Mentor Program objectives have been created to be in accordance with the standards of the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools. That being, an effective system that has a formal mechanism for mentoring; information about the program defined and disseminated; assistance in choosing electives; evaluating career options; and, applying to residency.

The overreaching objectives of the Faculty Mentor Program are as follows:

  • Foster personal connections for mentoring relationships with faculty and with peers.
  • Gain different perspectives on activities learners might pursue in order to best prepare an application to a specialty and assist in their transition to a physician.
  • Provide some options for first-year students about opportunities during the summer prior to application deadlines.
  • Identify factors that might make students attractive to different medical specialties and/or applications to research and other opportunities.
  • Expand students’ knowledge of personal and career decisions through the personal examples given from physicians.
  • Expand students’ knowledge of the role and expectations of a physician utilizing a range of varying expertise in a small group discussion.
  • Assist students in overcoming feelings of vulnerability in a mentor relationship by raising questions in a group setting with shared commonalities.
  • Facilitate an increase in faculty connections in particular with Phase 2 and 3 students.
  • Provide students with individual access to a faculty mentor for mentoring, elective decision making and/or career advice as requested.


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