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Francophone Symposium 2005

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) held its first Francophone Symposium in May 2005. The event was instrumental in responding to the needs of the Francophone people and communities of Northern Ontario.

The Francophone Reference Group, (FRG) established in 2003 to identify, respond to, and address the needs of Northerners, worked hard to compile a series of recommendations based on the feedback of the symposium’s participants. Those recommendations, enshrined in a subsequent report, reflect the needs of Northern communities and identify key issues regarding improvement to the quality of life and health of the Franco-Ontarian population. These recommendations have also been taken into consideration by NOSM.

The symposium featured eight guest speakers who identified specific areas of interest on Franco-Ontarian issues and the Francophone relationship to NOSM. These presentations raised the importance of the health of Francophones in Ontario and their ability to receive care in their language, particularly in rural and Northern regions.

The following recommendations summarize the discussion held in the workshops:

• Make NOSM’s commitment to Francophones a reality,
• Establish a clear commitment to attract Francophone students to NOSM,
• Guarantee Equal Opportunity for the admission of Francophones in Northern Ontario to NOSM,
• Uphold an ongoing policy of coordination and cooperation,
• Raise the awareness of all students of the needs of Francophones, and,
• Establish a bilingual faculty of medicine to meet the needs of Francophones,

NOSM lauds the dedication of this symposium’s 160 participants, and will continue to be committed to its Francophone partners.

2005 Francophone Symposium 

Report of the Symposium "Francophones and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine" (English) 

Rapport du Symposium « Les Francophones et l'École de médicine du Nord de l'Ontario » (French)




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